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Aflac's B2B Acquisition Campaign

I had the opportunity to create and execute Aflac's B2B Acquisition Campaign, which aimed to promote Aflac's products and services to potential B2B prospects. The campaign utilized various marketing channels such as Email Marketing, Banner Ads, and In-person events.

Through strategic targeting and compelling messaging, the campaign successfully generated over 200 high-quality prospects. These prospects had the potential to generate over 100 million in revenue for Aflac.

The Email Marketing component of the campaign allowed us to reach a wide audience and showcase the unique benefits of Aflac's products for businesses. The Banner Ads served as eye-catching visuals that captured the attention of potential prospects online. Additionally, hosting in-person events provided an opportunity for face-to-face interactions and personalized engagement with key decision-makers.

Overall, this B2B Acquisition Campaign demonstrated the effectiveness of a multi-channel approach in reaching and engaging with potential clients. By leveraging these marketing strategies, we were able to generate significant interest and drive substantial revenue opportunities for Aflac.

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Kieffer's Appliances 

I had the opportunity to create and execute a comprehensive B2C and trade marketing program. The goal was clear: to increase revenue for the company.

With a focus on both retail and trade partners, our marketing efforts were designed to reach a wide audience and drive sales. Through strategic planning and implementation, we were able to effectively promote Kieffers Appliances' products and services.

By leveraging various marketing channels such as digital advertising, social media campaigns, email marketing, and targeted promotions, we were able to generate awareness among consumers while also strengthening relationships with trade partners.


 Our efforts led to a significant increase in revenue for Kieffers Appliances. By understanding the needs of our target audience and tailoring our messaging accordingly, we were able to drive more customers through the doors of our retail locations and secure valuable partnerships with trade professionals.

Overall, my experience in spearheading Kieffers Appliances' B2C and trade marketing program highlighted the importance of a well-planned strategy that aligns with business objectives.


By effectively reaching both consumers and trade partners, we were able to achieve tangible results in terms of increased revenue for the company.

Kieffers Appliance's Product Newsletter


Jordan Belford Lead Generation Campaign for Nationwide Drug Rehab Centers 

I created and led a nationwide lead generation campaign for a portfolio of drug rehab centers, executed with the help of none other than Jordan Belfort. The campaign aimed to generate high-quality leads through a pay-per-call strategy, utilizing various marketing channels such as email marketing, banner advertisements, and a comprehensive nationwide media campaign.

With Jordan Belfort's expertise and influence in the industry, this campaign sought to maximize reach and effectiveness. By leveraging his network and reputation, the goal was to attract individuals seeking assistance for drug rehabilitation to connect with the designated call center.

The use of email marketing allowed for targeted outreach to potential clients who had expressed interest or shown intent in seeking help. Additionally, banner advertisements strategically placed on relevant websites helped capture the attention of individuals actively searching for drug rehab services.

To ensure maximum exposure and engagement, a nationwide media campaign was implemented. This encompassed various advertising mediums such as television commercials, radio spots, online publications, and social media platforms. The aim was to create widespread awareness about the rehab center's services and drive interested individuals to contact the call center.

Through this collaborative effort between Jordan Belfort's expertise and the effective utilization of multiple marketing channels like email marketing, banner advertisements, and a comprehensive nationwide media campaign; this drug rehab center successfully generated qualified leads while reaching out to those in need of their services.

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DIA Member Acquisition and Retention Marketing Initiatives.

I was responsible for creating DIA's Member Acquisition and Retention campaign marketing strategy. Through this strategic approach, we were able to achieve remarkable results, increasing the membership numbers by 2000. This significant growth took us from 9000 members to an impressive 11000 members.

Our campaign focused on targeting potential new members while also implementing effective strategies to retain existing ones. By identifying key demographics and utilizing various marketing channels, we were able to reach a wider audience and showcase the value of being a part of DIA.

The success of this campaign highlights the importance of a well-executed acquisition and retention strategy in driving organizational growth. It demonstrates our commitment to continuously expanding our community and providing exceptional value to our members.

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Brand awareness marketing programs for Ameren Illinois and the Comm Ed Energy Efficiency Program

I led and created brand awareness marketing programs for Ameren Illinois and the Comm Ed Energy Efficiency Program. These campaigns were designed to raise awareness about the importance of energy efficiency and encourage customers to take advantage of the programs offered by these companies.

Through strategic marketing initiatives, we aimed to educate customers about the benefits of energy efficiency, such as cost savings and environmental sustainability. By highlighting the various rebates, incentives, and resources available through Ameren Illinois and Comm Ed, we sought to empower customers to make informed decisions about their energy usage.

Our campaigns utilized a combination of traditional advertising channels, digital marketing strategies, and community outreach efforts. We developed compelling messaging that resonated with our target audience, emphasizing the positive impact that energy efficiency can have on both their wallets and the planet.

By effectively communicating the value proposition of these programs and showcasing real-life success stories, we were able to drive engagement and participation among residential and commercial customers alike. Ultimately, our goal was not only to increase awareness but also to inspire action towards a more sustainable future.

I am proud of my contributions in creating impactful brand awareness campaigns for Ameren Illinois and Comm Ed's Energy Efficiency Program. These initiatives have played a crucial role in promoting energy conservation practices within our communities while simultaneously supporting our client's business objectives.

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